Movement is an indispensable condition for the existence of a living organism and the maintenance of its biological connections with the external environment. The basis of therapeutic gymnastics is a dosed physical exercise or muscular work. The exercise of physical exercises causes response of the whole organism, has a restorative effect, therefore, physical therapy is rightly considered a method of active functional therapy. For the vast majority of patients, physical exercises are a means of therapeutic therapy, which can positively influence the development and outcome of the pathological process. At the same time, physical therapy classes serve physical education, develop activity, perseverance, coordination, endurance and other physical qualities and motor skills among patients, and promote hygiene rules

Beauty Advice

  • At least once a month, organize yourself a day when you do nothing. Disconnect from the phone, social networks, familiar communication. Ask relatives to provide you with peace. Sleep as long as you want, lie in bed, disassemble things, read books, meditate, try to cook according to new recipes. These days will refresh you no worse than a full week rest.
  • At least once a week, go up and down a distance of 10 floors. It can be 2 times on 5 floors or even 5 times on 2 floors. The main thing is to do this continuously, albeit at a slow speed. This kind of load perfectly trains the cardiovascular system. If you get involved and make it a daily rule, it will be worthy of praise only!
  • If on the face there is a rash not of an allergic nature, I can recommend you an excellent mask. Pour the powder of cinnamon with boiling water to the state of gruel. Add 4 times more honey and apply the mixture on your face. Hold the mask for 5-10 minutes. It will be very hard to burn, but the rashes will be in 2 days. Cinnamon is a wonderful natural antiseptic, and honey softens and soothes even the most sensitive skin. Be well-groomed and beautiful!
  • Grind 100-150 grams of parsley leaves in a blender, squeeze the juice through the gauze, dilute it with mineral water at the rate of 1: 5 – one part of the parsley juice and 5 parts water, freeze the resulting mixture in the ice molds and wipe the face every morning before applying the cream . Beautiful, radiant skin you are provided!
  • With the swelling and puffiness of the eyes, the potatoes are doing just fine: just cut the raw potatoes in half and attach them to the eyelids for 10 minutes. Fresh rested eyes will please you with their beauty!
  • Use a mixture of sugar with coconut or olive oil as a home-made lip scrub. After this procedure, the skin of the lips will become tender and well-groomed
  • Cold water perfectly dry the nail polish: take a container of cold water and a couple of ice cubes, dip the fingertips into it with the varnish applied for a couple of minutes. Done!
  • Coconut oil is great for removing makeup from the eyes. Remove the makeup in the usual way, then wipe the eye area with a cotton disc with coconut oil applied on it, this will remove the make-up residue and perfectly moisturize the skin!
  • In order for the fragrance of your favorite perfume to open up more, apply them to several areas of the body where the vessels are close to the skin, namely: behind the ear, around the neck, on the wrist, at the elbow bend and under the knee. And to keep the fragrance for a long time, apply a few drops and on the hair, because the hair is perfectly retained smells!
  • Cucumbers are a long-known and simple way to relieve puffiness from swollen eyelids. Cut the fresh cucumber into thin slices, put into the freezer for 10 minutes, when the slices cool down – put them on your eyelids until they get warm. This way will help to cope with tired eyes, and will allow you to look at the world in a different way

Psychological Training

Psychological Training

Perceive any difficulties and failures as an additional way to gain experience and learn something new. Self-control can be pumped in the same way as muscles – with loads. In moments of difficulty, say to yourself: “This is a good psychological training.”


Find yourself an example to follow 

Those who achieve or have already achieved goals similar to yours can become a good example for imitation. Be closer to them and “get infected” from them with the right ideas.


Internal motivation

“I need it, because I like to do it” – it’s good. But at times when you are close to losing self-control, external motivation works well – money, material values, fame and so on. Any race serves primarily the development of your internal qualities, but the prize will never be superfluous.

Use your ego – until it’s time to push it away

Faith in one’s own strength can compensate for the lack of experience and skills (remember, again, that most of the obstacles are in our head). But do not overestimate yourself – if you really need help, then ask for it.


Control your thoughts

Think at the right time about the right things. If you do something that requires attention to detail, look for ways to improve your efficiency – think “what should you do?” If you do something monotonous and start losing self-control, turn off “what?” And focus on “why?” “- why do you need to do this?


Never give up

Never give up if you are doing something that is really important to you. Fear in difficult situations is a normal phenomenon, and is one of the necessary conditions for success. It must be overcome. On the other hand, if you are doing something in your life that is contrary to your desires and values, stop and think – will not it be better to retreat? True courage is not to overcome obstacles at any cost. The true courage is to overcome fear and give yourself the opportunity to live a full and meaningful life.


One of the most effective motor variants of loads in osteochondrosis is different styles of swimming. However, swimming can be done only in the absence of pain in the spine and limbs. It is during these exercises that the muscles relax so that the amplitude of movements in the joints increases. However, it is necessary to avoid hypothermia, which can provoke an exacerbation of osteochondrosis. The advantage should be given to swimming pools. Before the beginning of the training, several physical exercises are necessarily performed in the hall, and then in the water – flapping, circular movements and the removal of the legs to the sides, squats, flexion and extension of the spine, walking with a springing gait.

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Active way of life, in my understanding, consists of eight components.

The three key ones are healthy eating, physical activity, and also a competent attitude towards one’s health.

Equally important is the fourth component – an active life position, under which I understand the setting and achievement of goals, the realization of dreams and work on themselves, their habits and strong-willed qualities.

The fifth component is the pursuit of happiness, the desire to improve our lives and those around them.

Directly on the degree of your activity affects the sixth component – your energy, and the seventh component – increasing your own efficiency – allows you to save your most important resources, time and strength.

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